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Frequently Asked Questions

How long with this take? You should allow 2 hours for the Operator course and 4 hours for the Trainer course, so 6 hours in total for the online portion. Then you are ready to deliver your first training session to one or more trainees.

Why is this course so expensive? FiveStar provides far more resources and support than our competitors, plus our trainers are insured!

Once I complete the online portion, what comes next? You will have clear instructions on how to proceed with your practical exercises for your trainees, where you will video record each operator as he/she completes the task.

How long do the videos need to be? Most operators can complete the 12 pallet stacking drill in about 15 minutes. So will submit the videos to our online portal.

Does anyone fail the Trainer course? You would have to commit a fraud or criminal act to fail. We work with you until you’re satisfied and confident you can deliver an effective program.

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