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Pricing & Courses

We invite you to embark on a thrilling educational journey. With a treasure trove of learning opportunities and a pricing structure designed to accommodate every budget, your path to knowledge and skill enhancement has never been more accessible.

2-Day Forklift
Training Course

For Unexperienced Drivers
$ 395
  • Duration

    2 Day - 10 Hours
  • Driving Practise

  • Ives Theory Work Book & Test


1-Day Forklift
Training Course

For Experienced Drivers
$ 295
  • Duration

    1 Day - 5 Hours
  • Driving Practise

  • Ives Theory Work Book & Test


Standard Forklift

For Drivers Whose Licence Expired
$ 195
  • Duration

    90 Minutes
  • Driving Practise

    If Needed
  • Ives Theory Work Book & Test



For Returning Drivers
$ 95
  • Duration

    90 Minutes
  • Driving Practise

    If Needed
  • Ives Theory Work Book & Test


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At FiveStar Forklift Training, we take pride in sharing the impressive statistics that illuminate our journey towards excellence. These numbers not only signify our growth but also the unwavering commitment we have to serving our customers and upholding the highest standards of quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This extended FAQ section provides answers to common questions, helping visitors find the information they need quickly. You can further customize this section with additional questions and answers specific to your products or services.

by Individuals

Click the Calendar tab on the black menu bar above to take a peek at our schedule. However to secure a seat, you will need to choose a course first, then you’ll be directed to choose a date.

Click on the Courses button on the black navigation bar above.

At the end of the day that you compete your course.

In Burnaby BC. Scroll down on this page to see the map.

Yes. In fact, WorkBC and WorkSafe BC regularly send their clients to us for training.

10am. Please don’t be too early as we a functioning warehouse and have duties to do in the morning.

Finding a job is ultimately up to you, however we can definitely help. At the end of your training, we can provide you with a list of our employers, who are located in your area.

No, a driver’s license is not required

Courses generally include either all the sit-down machines, which are classes 1, 4 & 5 or the class 2 Narrow Aisle Reach Truck

by Employers

Yes. Please email me and describe your needs. My email is listed at the bottom of this page.

You can do it 2 ways.
1.Click on Courses, select a course, then a date, confirm, and pay.
2.Click on Register, fill out the form for Employersthen register one or more of your operators.

By registering as an Employer, you don’t have to pay in advance.

Plus your portal page shows a record of Past Operators, along with their scores, and you can download their certificates.

by Sponsors

Click the Calendar tab on the black menu bar above to take a peek at our schedule.

You’ll need to Login to register a client.

You need to register as a Gov’t Sponsor. Start by clicking on the Register tab on the black bar above.

Just choose the “Start Date” for day 1, we can arrange the 2nd day at a later date.

You can download their certificate from your list of “Past Clients” on your portal page.

What They Say?

we believe that the true measure of our success lies in the experiences and stories shared by those who have chosen to embark on their journeys with us. Our dedicated customers and valued partners are the heart of our community, and their voices echo the profound impact of our products and services.

Crystal Lockhart
Crystal Lockhart
Wonderful experience learning to operate forklifts with trainers Milt and Coco! It was casual enough to feel relaxed, and with just the right amount of attention on me to feel well instructed but not constantly scrutinized. I got plenty of practical time with different machines to get a feel for how forklifts handle and practice my precision hands on.I also appreciated the training videos, the beautiful certificate, and the amazing lunch. I’ll certainly be coming back here exclusively and be recommending Five Star Training to my co-workers.
Guilherme Souza
Guilherme Souza
Best place to get treined, Sir Milt is great to teach. The enviroment ia awesome.
Saurabh Prashar
Saurabh Prashar
How much money and how much time does this training take?
Ernesto De la Cruz
Ernesto De la Cruz
Very friendly people good atmosphere and very professional I was satisfied
Samuel Yang
Samuel Yang
Great instructor, enjoyable and unforgettable learning experience, thank you
Faysal Ahammed
Faysal Ahammed
Riaz Hussain
Riaz Hussain
FiveStar is the best place to get training. I had great experience with very professional and friendly trainers and hospitable too. I recommend the place.
darius jones
darius jones
Recently I got the opportunity to take the five star fork lift course . let me just explain what a wonderful experience it really was. it was very informative in a very relaxed atmosphere. The instructors were very informative and passionate at what they do. I believe if you are thinking of taking a fork lift course please conciser five star. you will not regret it. Thank you.
Logan Borgfjord
Logan Borgfjord
My instructor Daniel was very nice and very informative. He taught me very well and made some of the best burgers I have ever had.If you are going to get forklift certified I would definitely go here.
Mojtaba Arvin
Mojtaba Arvin
The staff are not just knowledgeable but kind and eager to teach. I enjoyed my training time there and recommend it to everyone who needs a forklift license. 😊

About Us

Founder & Owner

About 20 years ago, I was sent out to get forklift certified. 

“Make sure you pass, cause it’s costing us three hundred bucks”, the boss quipped.

I arrived at the classroom with two other students. We watched a video and wrote a test. Needless to say, I wasn’t too impressed. I thought I could do much better.

So, I signed up for a “Train the Trainer” course, placed an ad in Craigslist, and began training and certifying new operators.

Other forklift trainers started sending some individuals to me.

Things started to snowball and soon I was earning more doing my training than I was in my job, so I took the plunge – I rented a warehouse, bought a forklift, launched a website, and started my own business.

It’s been a blast! Along the way we took some photos and shot some videos, not to mention learning a thing or two about teaching newbies how to drive a forklift. We’ve met thousands of people and worked with hundreds of companies.

It took me a while, but I realized that sometimes people want to find a job and sometimes companies are looking for good people.

Hey! There’s an idea!!! Give both the opportunity to find each other and get forklift certified along the way.

Contact Us

We’re here to assist you every step of the way. If you have questions, feedback, or need support, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our dedicated team is ready to respond promptly.


FiveStar Forklift Training Centre
7670 Winston St, Burnaby, BC V5A 2H4




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