Chapter 1 - Welcome
Chapter 2 - Rules and Regulations
Chapter 3 - Forklift Classes and Certifications
Chapter 4 - Forklifts & Automobiles
Chapter 5 - Forklift Stability
Chapter 6 - Safety and Mishaps
Chapter 7 - Pre-Shift Inspection
Chapter 8 - Standard Forklifts
Chapter 9 - Narrow Aisle Forklifts
Chapter 10 - Powered Pallet Jack
Chapter 11 - Final Considerations
12. Final Exam

Requirements for Class 3 Certification

How To Get Certified on Forklift Class 3

Should you wish to add a Class 3 to your certification, then you would be required to submit video evidence of you performing a simple exercise of moving pallets at floor level as well as completing the theory portion of the course.

The video should clearly show your ability to handle the forklift and the load with ease, maintaining safety protocols at all times. It should demonstrate your understanding of the machine’s operation, your awareness of the surrounding environment, and your ability to perform the task with precision.