Chapter 1 - Welcome
Chapter 2 - Rules and Regulations
Chapter 3 - Forklift Classes and Certifications
Chapter 4 - Forklifts & Automobiles
Chapter 5 - Forklift Stability
Chapter 6 - Safety and Mishaps
Chapter 7 - Pre-Shift Inspection
Chapter 8 - Standard Forklifts
Chapter 9 - Narrow Aisle Forklifts
Chapter 10 - Powered Pallet Jack
Chapter 11 - Final Considerations
12. Final Exam

Additional Advice

Always remember to operate the forklift at a speed that is appropriate for the conditions and to keep your surroundings in mind at all times. Slow down on wet floors, never carry other passengers or keep your legs outside the cab, always stay attentive and remember to turn slowly as quick turn move the center of gravity rapidly.

Moreover, always drive loaded forklifts up a ramp forward. Conversely, drive in reverse when going down a ramp with a loaded forklift. A simple rule to remember is: the load should always point upwards.

For an unloaded forklift, the opposite applies – the forks should always point down. This means you should reverse up a ramp and move forward down a ramp with the forks lowered.