Chapter 1 - Welcome
Chapter 2 - Rules and Regulations
Chapter 3 - Forklift Classes and Certifications
Chapter 4 - Forklifts & Automobiles
Chapter 5 - Forklift Stability
Chapter 6 - Safety and Mishaps
Chapter 7 - Pre-Shift Inspection
Chapter 8 - Standard Forklifts
Chapter 9 - Narrow Aisle Forklifts
Chapter 10 - Powered Pallet Jack
Chapter 11 - Final Considerations
12. Final Exam

Starting a Narrow Aisle Forklift

To start the forklift, follow these steps:

  1. Check the Surroundings: Before starting the forklift, ensure the area is clear of people and obstacles.
  2. Start the Forklift: Mount the forklift and insert the key into the ignition and turn it to start. You may not hear anything as electric forklifts are quiet. Some forklifts may have a start button instead of a key ignition.
  3. Check the Controls: Once the forklift is started, test the controls. This includes the lift and lower controls for the forks, the tilt control for the mast, and the steering wheel.
  4. Position the Forks: Use the appropriate control to position the forks at the right height for the load you plan to pick up. Remember, the forks should generally be low to the ground when moving without a load.
  5. Proceed with Operation: Look ahead to ensure your path is clear, then gently push the joy stick to move. Always make sure to operate the forklift at a speed that is appropriate for the conditions and to keep your surroundings in mind at all times.