Chapter 1 - Welcome
Chapter 2 - Rules and Regulations
Chapter 3 - Forklift Classes and Certifications
Chapter 4 - Forklifts & Automobiles
Chapter 5 - Forklift Stability
Chapter 6 - Safety and Mishaps
Chapter 7 - Pre-Shift Inspection
Chapter 8 - Standard Forklifts
Chapter 9 - Narrow Aisle Forklifts
Chapter 10 - Powered Pallet Jack
Chapter 11 - Final Considerations
12. Final Exam


When operating a walkie or rider type of truck, the best way to move forward (with the forks trailing) is to face forward, walk ahead of the machine, and off to one side. Use one hand to control the handle. This gives you a clear view of what’s ahead and makes steering easier. When you change direction, the machine will naturally follow.

When moving in reverse (with the forks leading), face the machine and place both hands on the control handle. Make sure you have a clear view of your path. Be cautious as the forks may stick out from under the leading edge of the load and could hit objects, people, or other equipment. Always move at a normal pace, never run with the machine.

power pallet jack bein driven in reverse by a walking operator