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2 Day Work Ready Program



The course begins with basic braking practice and collision avoidance.


Students are taught the most effecient method of navigating forwards and backwards through a course of pallets.

Particular attention is paid to utilizing available swing room and traveling the most effecient path.

Lever Controls

Students learn the basics of using the lift, tilt, and sideshift levers by building stacks of pallets.

The exercises are timed and then measured for accuracy of placement.


Speed and Accuracy

The "12 Skid Scramble" exercise requires good use of steering and lever controls.

Students retrieve pallets that have been placed randomly on the warehouse floor, and place them in their appropriate stacks by colour.

Marks are awarded based on time and the degree of offset of each pallet.

Advanced Maneuvers

Finally students are required to place loads on high racks while working in tight aisles with a minimum amount of swing room.

Students learn to use tilt and sideshift controls effeciently in order to complete these maneuvers.